Environment Natural

Environmental responsibility is now an industry norm and our partners increasingly require 5-Star products that are eco-friendly and contain sustainable components for the international environmentally conscious and aware market.

Working one on one with our partners we deliver on trend environmentally friendly product lines for their discerning clientele. Ming Fai insists on utilizing green sustainable resources.

Ming Fai’s cutting edge research and development department delivers eco-friendly products from purchasing the raw materials, manufacture and packaging.

At Ming Fai, customers are given the option to add or incorporate additives (e.g EPI plastic additive) into their packaging, to aid safe degradation and disposal of plastic products in the proper environment as well as the option to incorporate the newest sustainable materials (e.g Bio-PET) into their designs and packaging.

Environmental protection has become one of the core missions in our company and we insure our environmental agenda and practices, benefits our partners brands and their customers needs.

Ming Fai Group is the first supplier to attain the ECO CERT and Eco-Label certification for hotel amenities. Also, in May 2012, Ming Fai Group successfully garnered the certificate of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), becoming one of the few companies authorized with the FSC accreditation in the PRC region.

Thus, we actively spread our eco-message to the public through educational promotion activities about public environment, health and safety awareness.

Our company environmental protection policy is as follows:

Research and Develop in Production
1. We actively innovate and provide low impact environmental products and practices. With our technology and green materials, the use in natural resources can be effectively used in the whole process of the production. We ensure the energy can be recycled and reused, by selecting the light materials rather than the heavy materials, avoiding over-packaging to reduce wastage of empty bottles, printing with soy ink and using recycled materials.
2. We seek counsel and cooperate with environmental companies and suppliers all over the world. The Research and Development team creates innovative products with the top environmental technologies and raw materials. For example, PSM, REECO and EcoPure, are the green products that we invented for the hotels that share the same environmental agendas as us.
3.We try our best to reduce the emission on production and utilized the energy we used, constantly improve our environment through the whole production process. We put great efforts to achieve making the best of resource and energy and the least consumption

Start Green, End Green
1. Minimize energy and raw material waste in our production process and continually search for ways to minimize the company’s carbon footprint.
2. We avoid over packaging and access the energy used from the product design to the end of production process.
3. We try our best to reduce the emission on production and utilized the energy we used, constantly improve our environment through the whole production process. We put great efforts to achieve making the best of resource and energy and the least consumption.

Corporate Social Responsibilities
1. Ming Fai has invested in new facilities for environmental protection, including Sewage Treatment Plants and replaced T8 light tube to T5 light tube in all it’s plants.
2. We cooperate with suppliers that share the same ideas with us, encourage our contractors and suppliers to meet our environmental protection requirements.
3. We encourage the contractors and suppliers to use low impact pollution materials in production, to avoid toxic chemicals release.

Regular Assessment
1. We strictly follow the environmental regulations set by the PRC and strive to meet the international standards in environmental protection.
2. Regularly monitor and measure the intensity and output of our facilities, provide effective solution when needed and continually improve environmental protection.

Provide Training
1. We deliver and encourage our staffs to realize their responsibility to the environment through special activities and company awareness campaigns.
2. We encourage our staffs to get be aware and get involved in environmental protection activities and inspire them by example through our working practices to continually strive for modern innovation, design and technologies that benefits environmental protection.

Ming Fai will continue to put great efforts into developing more environmentally friendly and competitive products to reduce energy consumption and minimize the impact on the environment. At the same time in collaboration with our suppliers develop more new green materials that will contribute to our clean space for our descendants in the future.