Employee Relations

Our workforce is our company. Here at  Ming Fai we recognize that one of our secrets to success is our  workforce. Therefore, one of our priorities is to employ the best talent  out there and create a working landscape that they will thrive in.

Diversity is encouraged in every aspect of our workplace, which means  that unlawful workplace conduct, discrimination, intimidation or  harassment is not tolerated. No discrimination, equality and fair  working guidelines are firmly established throughout the company, from  top management to the factory floor. We apply fair labor practices and  respect the Labor Laws that were introduced by the People's Republic of  China on January 1, 2008. All employees are provided with the following  insurance plans: basic pension, medical, unemployment, maternity and  job-related insurance.

TrainingEmployees are essential to Ming Fai’s future development. We employ over  5000 highly skilled and creative employees who are focused on all our  company goals and our customers’ satisfaction. Priorities is given to  training and internal promotion of our employees. That’s why Ming Fai  Group established our Training Committee in 2008, armed with a variety  of training methods, including video training, on site and online  tutorials and instruction seminars. Also the Ming Fai Group has invested  nearly one million HK dollars in senior management training at The Hong  Kong Polytechnic University and another million in Qsinghua University  Seminar for both middle and senior management to fulfill the growing  demand for quality management within the company. Our commitment to  injecting industry leading practices on every level and in each  department keeps us competitive, goal driven and creative, giving our  customers the 5 Star high quality products that they demand from us.

Health and SafetyMing Fai Group has officially attained The Occupational Health and  Safety Management System OHSAS18001:2007. Furthermore, Ming Fai Group  has been certified with DNV that fully expresses our concern for health  and safety of our employees.
From the office to the factory floor, our safety training is reaffirmed  regularly to all staff. They are full briefed and practiced in the  procedures used in case of fire accident, work related injuries or other  emergencies. Our self-published newsletter is regularly issued which provides a platform for discussions and raises awareness in health.

Corporate Culture CommitteeMing Fai Group has established Corporate Culture Committee in 2009 which  has four institution under its control:behavior culture, recognition  culture, system culture and spiritual culture aiming at to enhance the  sense of belonging of our employees and promote the cohesive force in  enterprise.

Employee Relationship DepartmentMing Fai Group has established an Employee Relationship Department as  the main channel for employees to set up their own group conversations,  employee mailbox, and hotlines.

Enhancing Staff’s InteractionsA popular exercise in employee interaction is our greenhouse initiative.  We constructed a functioning agricultural space that allows our staff  to experience the joy of gardening and planting their own vegetables and  fruits. They can choose any plants they prefer and when it is  harvested, employees can share among themselves.
To further support our factory workers, we provide residential campuses  that offers fine dining and a wide variety of extracurricular  activities, including sports, training classes, and KTV parties for  special occasions.

Commission of Medical Aid FoundationIn June 2005, Ming Fai established the "Commission of Medical Aid  Foundation" to raise funds and donations to support employees suffering  from diseases and serious illness. Up to date, the commission has helped  numerous employees and their families at this difficult time, with the  goal to assist individuals through to recovery with Ming Fai's support  and care.