Group Profile

Founded in 1980 Hong Kong, China, Ming Fai Group is the preferred destination for an international enterprise specializing in travel amenities with peerless quality. Ming Fai Group is the first choice of customer, delivering high quality and trusted 5-star solutions to its global clients, building long-term relationships and providing exceptional services to internationally renowned hotel brands, airlines, hospitality and personal care industries.

In November, 2007, Ming Fai International Holdings Limited was successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKSE:3828), becoming the first hotel amenities supplier to go public in the PRC region.

Ming Fai has 5 production bases where the main industrial zone base is in Shenzhen, and recently opened factories in India and Cambodia. The global purchasing and manufacture enable Ming Fai not only to focus on the development and manufacture of high-end hotel bath room amenities, but also to provide competitive prices and high quality product to customers.

In addition, Ming Fai Group has offices in China major cities , Singapore, Malaysia, Australia. The sales sites are located throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The logistics and distribution capabilities cover the world and serve the world's leading hotel management groups.

With the pace of a diversified development, in 2014, Ming Fai established the Total Solution Service Center displays products range from guest room accessories, small appliances, dining & Kitchen supplies, banquet tables, bedding to glassware, ceramics, cleaning equipment and supplies, to provide an overall solution and create a true sense of the "five-star service experts."

Corporate Social Responsibility is important to Ming Fai. We actively respond to our customers’ concern and feedback by providing environmental solutions and advice for their projects.

Our dedicated, experienced and trusted management team and staff at Ming Fai will offer you with industry leading and high quality products with the most efficient, professional and comprehensive service!

Ming Fai, your trusted travel companion!