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27-05-2020 Q-Mark, the assurance to consumers | Pasión Face Mask Winning the First Batch of Hong Kong Q-Mark Certification 27-05-2020

Hong Kong Q-Mark Council (“Q-Mark Council”) of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (“FHKI”) awarded Q-Mark certificates to 5 Hong Kong-made face masks manufacturers on 25 May 2020. Pasión is in the first batch of face masks, to successfully attained Q-Mark certification. The certification serves to confirm Pasión face mask has complied specific standards and is expected to increase consumers’ quality assurance as they purchase face masks to fight the epidemic.

Mr. Tommy Ching, the Vice President and Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, was invited to participate in this press conference and received this award. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Ming Fai Group has been actively launching hygiene products, including face masks. High quality is the main concern of Ming Fai’s development, through the self-owned plants and equipments with over 30-years experience in production, the high quality of Pasión face masks and other disinfectant products can be ensured.

Ming Fai Group is also pleased to contribute their ability in corporate social responsibility. Ming Fai Group donated face masks to numbers of charity organizations, and hopes to provide everyone with adequate health and hygiene protection with their best effort. 

The Pasión face masks manufactured by Ming Fai Group have been confirmed by Q-Mark Council that they meet a number of standards in terms of fluid penetration, bacterial filtration efficiency, differential pressure, flammability and hygiene. Q-Mark Council has also sent an auditor to inspect their factories to ensure the quality of the production process. Besides, regular factory assessments and product tests will be conducted to ensure the consistent quality of the face masks.

Q-Mark has taken root in Hong Kong people’s heart and is a symbol of assurance to consumers. Currently there are numerous brands of face masks in the market, whose standards are not labelled consistently. Consumers also find it difficult to verify the accuracy of the labelled information and hesitate to make a purchase decision. The Q-Mark label will be printed on the packaging of Pasión face mask, and the Q-Mark label will help consumers distinguish Pasión from other brands, and is certain to enhance their confidence.

The Hong Kong Q-Mark Schemes have been launched for 42 years since 1978. Q-Mark Council, through its various Q-Mark certification schemes, strives to continuously enhance the quality of products, services and environmental performance. It issues more than 2,000 Q-Mark certifications each year, covering various aspects of our daily life.