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02-04-2019 Ming Fai Group won the “China's Best Hotel Supplies Supplier" Award from Golden Horse Award 2018-2019 02-04-2019

The 19th China Cultural Tourism Global Forum 2019 China Hotel Supply-Side Industry Chain Fair was held on March 26-29, at the Edison Hotel Sanya. Mr. Liu Zigang and Mr. Ching Tsun Wah, Vice President and Executive Director, Mr. Hou Xing, General Manager of Total Solution Center, and Mr. Liu Guojun, Sales Manager of Greater China, attended the award ceremony together.

The theme of this event is “Empowerment and the Pursuit of Bright Future”. The prospect of the industry was “the Pursuit of Bright Future”, and it is also always concerned with the down-to-earth “Empowerment” for the industry. Ming Fai Group, with its outstanding strengths for the industry, once again was listed into the Golden Horse and won the "2018-2019 China's Best Hotel Supplies Supplier" award.

In the special session “Charming China • Celebrity Banquet”, Ming Fai Group sponsored the Swarovski tea set as a gift for adding surprise on this session. 

In addition, more than 200 booths were unveiled at the fair. Ming Fai Group exhibited our internationally renowned brands and high-ended products. ELLE is the brand full of French style and romance. EVVIVA is the Italian brand inspired by the concept of “Wanderlust”. Berkeley Square, obtained great achievements in the field of luxury goods and DIVANA carry out the spa feeling from Bangkok. Ming Fai offered quality products in different style for complementing hotels’ design. 

Through the exhibition, we enjoyed communicating with our buyers. Through face-to-face conversations and presenting physical products, our buyers could get a full picture of Ming Fai’s strengths and services as an excellent supplier.

Since the launch of the 19th China Cultural Tourism Global Forum, the travelers have embarked on a new journey where they could see the pursuit of bright future. In this blooming season, Ming Fai will join hands with the peers to move towards a common future.