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12-12-2018 Innovative industry creates value and the heart of focus toward is excellent 12-12-2018

On December 11, FITMI's 8th Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Achievement Awards 2018 Awards Ceremony was held at AsiaWorld-Expo. The award ceremony was hosted by Mr. Nicholas W. Yang, GBS, JP, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Mr. Liu Yajun, Deputy Director of the Economic Department of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government, and Mr. Yu Huarong, The Executive Vice President and General Secretary and the Party Secretary of China Association of Inventions. Mr. Ching Chi Keung, Vice President and Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, Mr. Ching Tsun Wah, Mr. Liu Zigang and Mr. Keung Kwok Hung, Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, a group of 12 people attended the award ceremony together.

Ming Fai Group won the FITMI 2018 "Excellent Manufacturing" Achievement Award for its outstanding performance in the industry.

The "Excellent Manufacturing" Achievement Award is the Special Achievement Award of the FITMI. It is intended to recognize the outstanding achievements of the elite in manufacturing industry and encourage its spirit of continuous innovation. This award recognizes Ming Fai's achievements in the industry.

Trees to stay rooted while soaring to great heights. Since its establishment, Ming Fai kept on focusing on the production and development of tourism products and is well-known for its excellent quality. Ming Fai also invests heavily in updating machinery and equipment, while production and development are gradually moving closer to intelligence, which not only improves production efficiency, but also guarantees product quality.

In addition, Ming Fai also attaches great importance to innovation and change. Ming Fai believes that "innovation is the soul of a nation and the spirit of a company." Through the effort on innovation, Ming Fai continues to be forward-looking and adapt to the pace of the times. Whether it is the development of product formulas or the change of product packaging, every change in the trend is leading the way forward.

The "Excellent Manufacturing" Achievement Awards are based on the expectations of the industry elite. As a winner, Ming Fai Group has to demonstrate its brilliant future with strength. Ming Fai believes that manufacturing industry creates value and keeps in mind that the first heart can move toward excellence. In the future, Ming Fai Group will continue to explore and create more value for the society.