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21-08-2012 Knowledge Enlightened Dreams, Hopes Nurtured by Ming Fai Group 21-08-2012

Although the official Red Décor Day of this year has fallen on a Sunday, August 12, but Ming Fai Group with its 

subsidiaries Mingfai7magic continues to pledge our enthusiastic support, fixed our own Red Décor Day within the week of 

August 12th to 19th and bring the ‘FUN and RED’ atmosphere into the office! The Red Décor Day 2012, a corporate 

fundraising campaign organized by the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has let Ming Fai Group to promote the spirit of charity – 

Knowledge Enlightened Dreams, Hopes Nurtured by Ming Fai Group, with great efforts in raising the community’s attention 

onto commemorate the adoption of the Four Geneva Conventions on 12 August 1949, and to offer support to the humanitarian 

works of the HKRC.

Many corporate has realized the importance of donations; giving, supporting, and sharing along with the growth of the 

business to be a corporate social responsibility. As the first hotel amenities supplier to go public in the PRC region, 

Ming Fai Group has always give our best effort in participating any fundraising events.

Ming Fai Group has witnessed our employees who took actions and actively participate in the activity of “Donation with Dedication” dressing in red as a symbol of hope; the result of donation to the Hong Kong Red Cross was great. We believe with love and care, we can help more people with dedication to deliver the warmth and priceless care from Ming Fai Group.

As a responsible corporate for the society and our employees, Ming Fai Group has always kept our business philosophy of “Giving Back to the Society” and positively take action and undertook corporate social responsibilities for 26 years since Ming Fai’s establishment. We truly believe knowledge will enlighten dreams, and Ming Fai continues to nurture hopes in our society. In the future developments, Ming Fai will continue to join charity programs and carry out more social welfare activities, weaving warmth and deliver our love!