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10-01-2013 Making a Difference with Love and Devotion 10-01-2013

Being the first and the only young and casual female cosmetic and accessories retailer with listing background, the 

wholly-owned subsidiaries of Ming Fai Group - 7Magic has attached great importance in giving back to the society while 

enjoying its development in the industry. 7Magic has been devoting into charity activities for years, especially a 

considerable focus has been placed on the health and growth of the children. In 2012, 7Magic went to distant deprived areas 

and special education schools in Hubei and Guizhou, to help those children who suffer from poverty. Through the practical 

actions, they hope to spread the message of the importance to actively participate in charity activities to other people by 

virtue of its reputation.

Charity Activities – 14,441 pencils for Children to sketch their dreams

On Aug 2012, 7Magic worked together with China Telecom and other corporations to launch a “Colorful Dream” charity 

activity, aiming to spread outwards to the society to pay more attention and offer their help to children in poverty. In 

order to draw more attention from the society and to participate in this activity, 7Magic posted a loving relay activity 

with the theme “Colorful Dream” on Sina Weibo, through reposting the email and making comments to attract more people. 

The activity has been reposted for 14441 times which strongly shows the society’s care for the children. After the end of 

the activity, 14441 tailor-made pencils by 7Magic have been sent to the children in poverty-stricken areas, hoping to offer 

our assistance in their education.

Care For Children With Disabilities

On Nov 20th, which is known as The International Children's Day, 7Magic team paid a visit to Guangzhou Kangfu Experimental 

School. With the consensus of the school and the guidance of the teacher, 7Magic team got the chance to communicate with 

these children with disabilities.

For over 13 years, 7Magic team has gained rich experience in how to efficiently implement charity activities through 

various practices. This activity helped 7Magic and its franchises knows more of this special group and increased their 

determination to provide more assistance to these children as much as possible.

Paying Visit To Children with Autistic Disorder, Caring Is The Curing Medicine

On Nov 26th, Executive Director of Ming Fai Group, Mr. Tony Ching together with the volunteer of 7Magic paid a visit to 

Guangzhou Cana School (Guangzhou Rehabilitation and Research Center for Children With ASD, hoping to bring our love and 

care to these lovely children as well as to know their needs in order for us to provide them with long-term volunteer 

assistance and other support.

Caring for children with autistic disorder requires us to get involved with their lives in every detail, from the children 

to their families, hoping to help them adapt to the society more easily. 7Magic takes helping people as their mission, 

based on what they learnt during the visit, 7Magic plan to establish a foundation called “Colorful Dreams Foundation”, 

aiming to help those children who suffer from poverty and autistic disorder.

Support Education with Love

At the beginning of December, volunteers from 7Magic paid a visit to the Primary School in the village and No.1 Primary 

School in Yunxian, Hubei, offering supplies to those children and schools in needs, at the same time expressing their 

determinations and plans into supporting education and encouraging the students to be positive and never give up on 


Dedications for Minority Children in Guizhou

On Dec 15th, 2012, with the help of local government and Yigong.net, 7Magic team worked together with Children’s Heartlink 

in Canada to visit Daha and Tangguan Primary School in Houchang Town of Ziyun region, providing their help to the students 

including sending RMB50,000 of gloves, scarves, hats and stationeries to 294 minority children, built a library for the 

children, donate RMB50,000 cash to each school and help children to build a cafeteria.

As a modern enterprise which supports the charity activities and social responsibilities through practical actions, 7Magic 

has been trying their best efforts to all kinds of social charity activities, by virtue of its influence and reputation; 

they strive to deliver the message to more people of the importance of participating in social charity activities.