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08-10-2014 Ming Fai Joined Hands with Marriott to Support Yao Foundation 08-10-2014

On September 19th 2014, Marriott hotels joined forces to host the 2014 "Marriott Charity Black Tie Gala Dinner" and was held at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview. The evening was centered on an authentic Spanish flair with flamenco music and performances and a customized menu by all Marriott hotels in Shanghai. Over 600 guests were present at the gala event, which was graced by Yao Ming, former professional basketball star and founder of Yao Foundation, and Simon Cooper, president and managing director of Marriott International Asia Pacific. On behalf of Ming Fai Group, Mr Alex Liu and Mr Tommy Ching, executive directors of Ming Fai Group, joined the gala event and made contribution to support the Yao Foundation. The gala event raised a net total of USD 328,000 (RMB 2,018,000) for the Yao Foundation to support children’s education in China. 

As one of the sponsored enterprise of the gala event, Ming Fai Group has been committed to providing customers with professional, easy and comprehensive solutions with its 28 years of operations. While following its corporate social responsibility of fair practices, being kind and respecting the nature, Ming Fai Group did not forget to contribute to the society. With full enthusiasm, Ming Fai Group actively and consistently devotes to supporting charity events, continuously donates and supports charities such as the Red Cross, the Chest, ORBIS international charity and so on.

About Yao Foundation

Yao Foundation is a specialized fund by Yao Ming under the auspices of The China Youth Development Foundation and aims at promoting the all-around development of Chinese youth by providing them the opportunities to improve their education, sports skills, health and self-esteem. Since Yao Foundation established, more than 10,000 Chinese rural youth have benefited from studying in the 17 Hope Primary Schools and one special education school it has funded. Besides constructing the school buildings, the Yao Foundation also improves the educational experience of Chinese youth by partnering with leading Chinese and multinational companies to build libraries, computer rooms, kitchens, and sports and exercise areas in local schools. In 2012, the Yao Foundation initiates a new programme called the “Yao Foundation Hope Primary School Basketball Season.” In 2012, 2013 and 2014, the programme has 151,500 attendances of Chinese youth. Besides teaching basketball skills, it will help them build self-confidence and learn sportsmanship which will be crucial for their development in the future.