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17-06-2015 Ming Fai Group Collaborates with IHG for the Development of Hope Project 17-06-2015

    On June 12, 2015, IHG Southern China Region Project Hope Golf Charity Match was held at Guangzhou Fengshen Golf Club. The Charity Gala Dinner was hosted at the Guangzhou Huadu Crowne Plaza Hotel to raise money for the construction of Hope Primary School and subsidization for students in need for college and vocational education through sponsorship, donation and auction. Ming Fai Group executive director Mr. Liu Zigang, general manager of Southern China Region, and Ming Fai total service center Mr. Hou Xing were invited to the event as distinguished sponsors.

    IHG started to donate to China Youth Development Foundation and set up the IHG Beneficent Funds in November 2007, which was the first transparent charity project combining hotel, tourist and the sponsors. Through golf match, cookery contest, charity auction and $5 donation for each tourist staying at IHG, all these strength to accumulate for further development of the IHG Beneficent Funds and give back to the society.

As a corporation with strong social responsibility, Ming Fai has generously made contributions through donation and goods to many charity organizations such as ORBIS, Habitat for Humanity and Yao Jijin.