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06-11-2015 Ming FaiParticipated inSowers Action Charity Marathon to Help Underprivileged Students 06-11-2015

    The will to study is a long difficulty process for most students, but it’s even harder for students in rural mountainous regions in China, walking one to two hours to school every day. On November 1st, 2015, Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours Charity Marathon 2015 is held in Hong Kong to aim in raising tuition fee to help under-resourced high school students in MainlandChinato fulfill their study dreams. MingFaihas participated in this marathon to support and help under-resourced high school students complete their studies with various means.


    This Charity Marathon has three routes including Run for Challenge, Run for Sowers and Run for Education. MingFaitook the last two routes and won the Bronze Medal. MingFaishowed our team spirit and cohesion in this marathon and spread our earnest to students in rural mountainous regions.


    Established in 1992, Sowers Action is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit-making charitable organization in Hong Kong, committed to promote education aid in rural China by helping poor or disabled students to complete their education. In the rural mountainous regions ofChina, some children have to walk 1-2 hours every day to school. Their eagerness to pursue knowledge touches the Sowers Action volunteers. In 2000, Sowers Action organized their first Challenging 12 Hours, a charity walk with the aim to promote fund raising for education to the public.


    Education is one of the basic needs of a nation, while talents are the key to business success. MingFaiGroup treasures every staff’s value; their existence is the prestigious wealth of the company. For many years, MingFaiactively responds to social charity calls, and has donated charity organizations including Project Hope, ORBIS, Habitat for Humanity and Yao Jijin.

    MingFaisincerely wishes Sowers Charity to expand the promotion and educate the public to join the caring alliance to benefit more under-resourced high school students in Mainland China. Wish all students could empower themselves with knowledge and change their fates. MingFaiGroup will continue our dedication to charity to make this world a better place for more people.