Mr. SUN Yung Tson Eric

Mr. SUN Yung Tson Eric, aged 42, is an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company since 2016. He is also a member of the Audit Committee, the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee of the Company. He graduated with Bachelor degree of Commerce in the University of New South Wales, Australia in July 2000. He has been the managing director of Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Factory, Limited and KINOX Trading Limited since 2006 whom succeeded the family business from his father Mr. SUN Kai Lit Cliff, a former Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company. “KINOX” is a famous international quality manufacturer of fashionable cookware, houseware, insulated beverage servers, grills and electrical appliances in household and catering industries, especially in European and American countries. Mr. SUN Yung Tson Eric has been involved in investing KINOX products and pioneering KINOX brand exposure in emerging markets. Mr. SUN Yung Tson Eric is the chairman of a brand joint venture named Hong Kong Quality Brands Alliance Limited (HKQBA) (香港名牌薈萃有限公司) where he devotes his utmost in joining force with the second and the third manufacturers’ generations with the aims of enhancing local brand exposure. Mr. SUN Yung Tson Eric is the honorary and founding president of Youth Executive Council (青年委員會) of Federation of Hong Kong Industries (香港工業總會) (“FHKI”) which aimed to facilitate communication platform for expertise exchange among young industrialists as well as the founding Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Hong Kong O2O E-Commerce Federation (香港O2O電子商務總會) stimulating digitalisation and O2O business development of Hong Kong Industries. His effort on social responsibility also dedicates to his positions of Vice Chairman of FHKI Hong Kong Q-Mark Council (香港優質標誌局) and committee member of FHKI Pearl River Delta Council (珠三角工業協會). Mr. SUN Yung Tson Eric is the Chairman of Hong Kong Plastics Manufacturers Association Limited (香港塑膠業廠商會有限公司) and the Vice Chairman of The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (香港出口商會). Mr. SUN Yung Tson Eric practices active roles in different public services in both Hong Kong and China.